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Weight Loss

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How does Ultra Lite work?

The ULTRA LITE program is the result of many years of research by a Melbourne Naturopath, Tony Le Vannais, N.D. The Ultra Lite program will encourage your body to convert your stored body fat into energy while preserving your body’s protein. This means that you only lose UNWANTED FAT and not lean muscle tissue. The majority of weight loss programs reduce your protein and carbohydrate levels too low which results in muscle loss. This can create the appearance of drawn features and baggy skin. With ULTRA LITE your body tone improves as you lose weight so you can actually become firmer as your original body shape returns.

The Ultra Lite program requires you to eat three balanced meals a day. Unlike some weight loss programs, all of the meals on the ULTRA LITE program contain everyday foods you will find in your kitchen. So there is no need to do special shopping trips or prepare separate meals for other members of the family.


The Ultra Lite program provides you with a correct nutritional balance designed to suit your particular health needs. With the correct balances of nutritional supplements, your body performs better, your brain clears and your memory sharpens. You will also feel a new zest for life as your energy levels are enhanced.

The phenomenal results speak for themselves. In the first week, most people lose between five to ten pounds, followed by three to six pounds each week thereafter.

It’s about managing a healthier lifestyle!

ULTRA LITE is a weight management program not just a diet. You will learn to manage your weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. ULTRA LITE is only available from a registered health practitioner so you can feel secure knowing that your total health interests are taken into consideration.

The ULTRA LITE program is simple, affordable and easy to apply. Once you learn the principles of the program you will be able to effectively manage your weight for the rest of your life!

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