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Note: All testimonials are from Renewed Health patients. Testimonials have not been edited except for spelling.

Testimonials Pain Management

“At first I was doubtful anything could help the severe pain of RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Now I know that acupuncture works.”
~Conchita G., Georgetown, TX

“This was a positive experience for me based on a positive recommendation from my daughter’s friend. Sandy is a good listener to concerns and had specific treatments for my long experienced back and foot pain in particular.”
~Barbara W., Austin, TX

“I first started seeing Dr. Sandra in January 2014. I had long term back pain and I had heard that doing physical therapy with chiropractic with acupuncture would help get my back into a much better place. So, I started seeing Dr. Sandra and I began to get great back relief immediately. In fact, I stopped the other two types of treatment. What was really impactful to me was all the questions she asked me to determine what I needed. I thought I went in for simple back injury from a car accident. But after talking to me, she determined I needed kidney support which was something I had been treated for since childhood which she didn’t know. Working on my kidney channels, she had the impact I described above, my back pain lessoned to the point it was gone. She also gave me great advice to stop a couple of behaviors I was taking part in, one of which was diet coke. Stopping both of these behaviors also strengthened the health of my kidneys. I really am so grateful for how great I feel and I would recommend Dr. Sandra and Renewed Health for any health ailment you have. I’ve also seen her for nausea and later allergies. She has fixed all my health issues.”
~Karen W., Round Rock, TX

“I didn’t know what to expect the first time I came in for a treatment. Does it hurt? Would it help me? After coming a few times I started seeing results. Looking back over this past year I am amazed. Not only were my original concerns addressed, but things I didn’t even realize was an effect of my pain. My quality of life is better than I could have ever imagined just a year ago. Life is amazing when you don’t have stress, allergies and pain keeping you from the things you love.”
~Julie L., Cedar Park, TX

“Very good improvement in overall allergy reactions as well as headaches which were the primary problem.”
~Brent H., Round Rock, TX

“When I found Sandy, I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was experiencing a sever episode. Dealing with pain unlike any I had ever known. I had already sought out treatment through doctors and specialists and although I had never had acupuncture before, I was willing to try it at least once. From the first visit, I experienced a few hours of relief from the pain in my neck, back, shoulders and head. My tremors decreased and my ability to walk without help improved. With continued visits, I slowly began to get my life back. I went from not being able to walk, drive, sit without pain, shaking with tremors in my hands and legs, unsteadiness on my feet, decreased ability to manage day to day activities, to a person who now looks and feel normal again. Sandy is a master and genius in her field. I cannot say enough good about her, her understanding of pain, and how to assist you. She will “hear” you and you will leave feeling better each time.”
~Jillian M., Pflugerville, TX

“Sandy helped me in so many ways. Especially the sciatic pain. The acupuncture treatment does wonders along with taking the analgesic medication she prescribed. Just feeling this comfort from the sciatic pain is so greatly appreciated and received. Thank you Sandy for all you have done for me over this past year. Acupuncture treats more than I caould have ever imagined.
~Elaine C., Cedar Park, TX

“I started acupuncture treatments because I was having weekly migraines. Now about 9 months later, I haven’t had one in 3 months. I am very happy with the treatments that I have received and how successful the process has been. Thank you Sandy!”
~Tiffany G., Hutto, TX

“Before coming to Renewed Health I had hot flashes and lower back pain. With regular treatments they have both lessened and are managed.”
~Beth A., Round Rock, TX

“I went to a Podiatrist for my feet pain; medications and PT did not help, only worsened my pain. After one treatment I noticed the pain subsided right away. This is the best “natural” cure I have experienced. Thank you Sandy for helping me in all aspects of my health.”
~Patrizia D., Round Rock, TX

“I have had ankle pain from a previous fracture for years. Not only did I have residual pain in my ankle, I had pain in my legs and it was uncomfortable to walk. I was very skeptical we could do more than to reduce the pain, however we were able to eliminate it.”
~Doyle J., Cedar Park, TX

“I am very excited and happy with my experience with acupuncture. Yes, I’m functioning at a higher level, physically and mentally due to lowering pain levels. I haven’t felt this good in years! Sandy is so caring and understanding. Her knowledge is impressive! I have benefited immensely and have enjoyed every visit. I will continue to seek help through acupuncture for years to come. It works!”
~Stephanie R,Round Rock, TX

“Very happy! My life is totally different than it was just one year ago. I have almost no joint pain, my Crohn’s symptoms are gone and I have much more energy and less stress! Thank you so much Sandy for helping to completely change my well being! I can’t imagine where I would be without acupuncture!”
~Jessica Z., Cedar Park,TX

“Thank you so much for working on my lower back pain. The instant you started treating me the pain went away immediately. It’s been 3 months and the pain has become manageable just after one visit. I highly recommend you to all my friends and family. You are truly gifted and blessed. Thank you!”
~Jimmy G., Round Rock, TX

“I have been going to Sandy for acupuncture for almost 7-8 months due to chronic Sciatica back pain. I had this Sciatica pain for almost 14 years and have tried almost everything that medicine can do (except surgery) but had very little permanent relief. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning to be honest but something kept telling me that I have to give this a try and this has been the best thing I could do for myself to cure my pain.
I have been pain free for last few months and its all because of Sandy at Renewed Health Acupuncture who has a gentle and healing touch. So this is really magical for me and I now know what life is without the chronic back pain and it has changed my lifestyle completely.
I thank Sandy for bringing this relief to me. God Bless Her and her work.”
~Anita C., Austin, TX

“One morning I pulled my hip out of joint and pinched a nerve, which left me in extreme pain. I was unable to get out of bed or even sit up. My only choice that day was an ambulance trip to the hospital, until my husband found Ms. Schwartz. Sandy had my pain under control and me back on my feet within a few days, even coming to my house for the first treatments since I couldn’t leave my bed. I’m in my fourth week of recovery and I feel better than I have in years. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I am definitely a convert!”
~Barbara R., Pflugerville, TX

“Sandy has an excellent understanding of acupuncture and how to apply it to relieve pain! I was involved in a roll over car accident March 2008. For 8 months I sought relief using traditional methods of physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care and invasive spinal cord treatments. She was able to relieve my
pain with 6 weeks in intensive acupuncture therapy that 8 months of ‘traditional’ care could not provide. She is extremely gentle, thorough and accurate with her
diagnosis and treatment plan. I will continue to use her to treat other medical concerns in my life. She has my highest regard and I would recommend her
services to anyone that needs pain relief or help with general well being using acupuncture. Sandy and her acupuncture skills have been my life savers! Thank
~Tee J., Austin, TX

“I recently sought out Sandy’s help for pain management. I have dealt with the pain of osteoarthritis in my knees for the past twelve years, having a partial knee replacement in one knee in my mid-forties and a total replacement in the other knee in my late forties. Now at fifty, because my arthritis is progressing so quickly, I am facing the total replacement of the first knee. Each step, sometimes each movement is so extremely painful. I’d reached a point of exhaustion and depression, and my activities were definitely limited by my pain. Shortly after my third session with Sandy, my husband and I spent a week in Colorado. I was able to stay on my feet all day walking and even hiking for the first time in years. At the end of the day, I expected to deal with pain and exhaustion, but I was able to get up each morning and have a normal day! My pain no longer controls each decision I make. My husband and I are amazed and thrilled at what for us, is a miracle. I’ve had six sessions with Sandy now, and the improvement is consistent and life-changing.”
~Ruth S., San Marcos, TX

“Sandy at Renewed Health Acupuncture has a gentle and healing touch. It is obvious she is highly trained in both acupuncture and the use of Chinese herbs. I have been seeing her in order to facilitate faster recovery from ankle surgery. Both the acupuncture and the herbs have helped reduce my swelling and pain. I am healing very quickly and really appreciate how easy it is to talk to Sandy about any additional health concerns.”
~Suzanne P., Round Rock, TX

Testimonials Allergies & NAET Allergy Elimination

“Highly recommended to address specific conditions. Re-alignment of our body with a chiropractor was my only previous experience with non-invasive medicine. Realigning our bodies to the environment is possible now. For me it was not wheezing around my dog any more. That means the most. Thank you!”
~Ken H., Round Rock, TX

“I would recommend acupuncture as an adjunct to other modalities of treatment. It has significantly helped my allergies and headaches. It was also helpful in dealing with pain that I have from arthritis and following a motor vehicle accident. I have recommended acupuncture to others and will continue to do so.”
~Carmela H., Round Rock, TX

“NAET helped my daughter be able to focus in school, sit still and attend to teacher. She is able to eat fruits without a reaction. She was sick at least 5 times in fall/winter (flu, colds, strep). She has not needed breathing treatments yet! Her seasonal allergies have pretty much disappeared! I recommend NAET to anyone who wants to live life to the fullest! Thank you Dr. Schwartz!.”
~Ashley C., Hutto, TX

“I came to Renewed Health to address problems with allergies. Not only were my allergy issues resolved, I had so many other unexpected positive results. My stress, fatigue and overall health seems to be much improved.”
~Melissa W., Bastrop, TX

“I have been seeing Renewed Health for a couple of years and this is the first year I had acupuncture for my allergies. I’ve described to Dr. Sandra how bad they were before and this year I finally decided to have Dr. Sandra help me. I had the first treatment but chose not to take the herbs yet. I told her I’d try to keep using my over the counter meds. But I was getting sicker and more and more sleep deprived. It took me a week to get to the end of my rope. I take a prescription antihistamine and two nose sprays every day. Then at night, in order to go to sleep and stay a sleep over night during cedar season , I normally take close to 10 Benadryl over the night. This is a super sad way to spend a month in December and January.
So a week after my treatment, I went back in and asked for the herbs. I can’t even say this with enough expression. On the first day of taking the herbs, I slept all the way through the night. And, after a week of taking the herbs, I feel as though I’m not allergic to cedar at all. It is crazy because in years past, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, go outside, wear eye makeup and this year, I’m doing all those things and I’m not sick. Thank you Dr. Sandra! I told her she needed to be a little more pushy with people like me. I needed this medicine last year but I’m so grateful to have it this year. I feel great!”
~Karen W., Round Rock, TX

“I feel acupuncture treatments have helped to better manage long-standing health issues of chronic fatigue, pain and stress. NAET really works – no cedar fever for me anymore! Some treatments have given me immediate relief from physical and emotional pain. I feel the treatments have helped to strengthen my immune system overall and lower the Hepatitis C viral load significantly.”
~Mary S., Round Rock, TX

“I came in with moderate acne and about 5 warts on my hand. the treatment I received had no side effects, unlike other products I’ve tried in the past. Now my acne is almost completely gone and the warts are completely gone. It was a great experience.
~Kent H., Round Rock, TX

“I have been treated for severe allergies and menopause symptoms. I was on 4 different allergy meds and now I am off all of them. The treatment and herbs have improved my life significantly. I sleep better than I ever have and I won’t need hormone replacement/supplements because of my treatment. Sandy is thoughtful and caring and I have referred several people to her because she is awesome!”
~Dianna H., Austin,TX

“I began seeing Sandy for NAET treatments for a food allergy to wheat. In working towards eliminating this allergy, Sandy helped pinpoint and alleviate a number of other food allergies which had been compromising my health. Soon after I was diagnosed with ABPA, which is a chronic lung condition brought on by a mold allergy. Sandy worked hand in hand with me to eliminate this allergy through NAET, and alleviate my symptoms through Chinese herbal treatments. After several months my lungs are clear and I am breathing with ease. I can tell you my doctors were amazed at my recovery and I owe it to the skill and constant support of this amazing health professional. I feel I have been given a 2nd chance in life and I will always be grateful!”
~Lou Ann G., Leander, TX

“I have been seeing Sandy Schwartz at Renewed Health Acupuncture for several years for overall health. I have always suffered with extreme allergies to the environment, foods as well as having Celiac. I knew that Sandy offered NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) and decided to try it for all of the allergies. After going through the entire program, I am feeling great, dont even think about taking allergy meds, and eating anything I want without any of the adverse symptoms that I have had in the past. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has to deal with any kind of allergies on a frequent basis.”
~Vicki I., Austin, TX

“Sandy was able to pinpoint a very specific allergy – to fruit and berries specifically – that had plagued me with spontaneous poison ivy type rash outbreaks over the years. The NAET treatments cleared the rash with no recurrences. Sandy listens and responds in ways that let you know that she cares about you and your health, and is dedicated to working with you to address your health issues.”
~Lisa W., Austin, TX

“This is the second time I tried NAET. Sandy is very dedicated and knowledgeable. She is genuinely interested and wants to help you get better. She’s very organized and professional, as is needed for the NAET system. I really value the multi-modality approach with NAET’s holistic system for health. It works.”
~Susan P., Pflugerville, TX

“The NAET method of treatment has worked wonders for me. The most significant improvement is my allergy to dairy. Prior to NAET, I avoided dairy for almost 8 years. Whenever I ate ANYTHING dairy or ate anything made with dairy, I broke out into a very painful rash. The rash would last about one week and would mainly be in awkward places like underarms, bra line, or stomach. It would be red, scaly, and itchy. Imagine avoiding ice cream, chocolate cake, yogurt, etc. I had to read every ingredient of any foods I purchased. I had to question every restaurant I went to. Routine grocery shopping took two hours. Absolutely exhausting!

After receiving the NAET treatments, I’ve been enjoying all the things that I missed the most – chocolate sundaes, cheesecake, cheese enchiladas, cream cheese! I can do a grocery shopping trip without wasting my Saturday. Olive Garden, chili cheese dogs, shrimp alfredo. HEAVEN.

Not only did my quality of life improve, but my airborne allergies improved dramatically. Living in the “allergy capital of Texas”, I see people suffering all around me. I used to be one of them. Now I’m off of all of my allergy medicines that the doctor prescribed. I take all natural chinese herbs whenever I get a little stuffy. No more meds for me.

I’m a strong supporter to the NAET method. I now plan on having my 12 year old daughter treated for her airborne and pet allergies. We are excited to be able to have a new puppy in our home without her taking Benadryl to play with it.”
~Gena M., Austin, TX

Testimonials Cosmetic Acupuncture & MeiZen

“My husband out of the blue said he noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes were disappearing. And some of my regular hair clients said they noticed a difference in my face. That I looked more rested and my skin was looking youthful. I notice my skin was tighter. I feel like I do look a little younger. It’s a good feeling.”
~Patricia B., Pflugerville, TX

“I would highly recommend MeiZen facial rejuvenation. Not only did it reduce the fine lines and puffiness around my eyes, but it also seriously diminished my neck wrinkles! It was as if someone went behind me and pulled my skin tighter. My skin color really evened out. I can now go out in public without makeup and not feel self-conscious.”
~Gena M., Austin, TX

“I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about acupuncture, especailly as a cosmetic tool. However, after several sessions with Sandy, I have become a true convert. I was particularly impressed by her professionalism as well as her concern for her clients’ well-being. She is very sensitive in attending to all areas of our health. The procedures were undertaken with great care and precision. And, I am very pleased with the results of MeiZen Cosmetic acupuncture. I will return to her inviting setting for continuing maintenance as well as to address other needs as they arise. I am confident that Sandy can assist me in achieving optimal health. Thank you, Sandy! I do feel like a new person.”
~Lynne M., Manor, TX

“Ten treatments of MeiZen did more for my complexion than anything I’ve tried for the last 10 years – about how long I’ve noticed the blotchy redness. That’s amazing to me! Sandy is attentive, thorough, and gentle – a real pleasure to work with.”
~Lisa W., Austin, TX

“I have been pleased with the over all results – and – admittably, somewhat surprised. I would like to maintain (and even improve) the results.”
~Jody H., Austin, TX

“I would recommend MeiZen for it’s restorative qualities. It makes you feel rested and energetic. And I feel I just look more rested and refreshed. I will continue to get ‘booster’ treatments.”
~Joanne P., Georgetown, TX

Testimonials Other

“This was my first time to try acupuncture and I was very impressed with getting fast results from my treatments. Dr. Schwartz is very knowledgeable and explained everything to me.”
~Joel M., Round Rock, TX

“I did not come to Renewed Health for weight loss, but realized this was a treatment option while tending to a different issue. The weight loss program Renewed Health provides was a great tool to assist me reach my weight loss goal. It was work and required persistence on my part, but was well worth the effort. Thank you Sandy (and Valencia) for all the encouragement and support during my journey.”
~Pat D., Georgetown, TX

“If you want a thorough health evaluation and treatment for your condition, this is definitely the place to come. She will do research to find better ways to treat your condition and give you the best acupuncture care available. I’d highly recommend Renewed Health.”
~Tanya V., Georgetown, TX

“When I was diagnosed with a condition that would require me to take prescribed medication, I was in denial. I wanted to have a healthier solution to getting healthy. Renewed Health did that by providing natural herbs and acupuncture treatments. Not only to help with my symptoms but with my diagnosis.”
~Vergie M., Round Rock, TX

“Even considering my advanced age, the benefits addressing several problems have increased my quality of life – hope to sustain and improve even further.”
~Lois W., Round Rock, TX

“I came to Renewed Health at a time when I was facing major stress and changes. Having acupuncture care during these stresses has made me more resilient and less likely to become ill due to injury or stress.”
~Mary M., Round Rock, TX

“I was sceptical of acupuncture at first coming from an insurance, specifically claims, background where I saw many people use it to inflate medical bills. However after the first few visits and some time with the herbs I saw a noticeable difference that has been sustained. I’m very happy with the results my treatments.”
~Mark H., Austin, TX

“I can’t thank you enough for assisting me with my journey to quit smoking. I am going on my sixth week smoke free! In the past I have tried nicotine patches, gum, exercise programs, etc. I never lasted more than about 1 week with these techniques. The combination of acupuncture, herbal supplements, and habit changes afforded me success this time around. I feel calm and anxiety free and have experienced very few cravings. My family and friends are amazed when they find out I have quit smoking. I think they were expecting me to be a complete mess and I have actually been quite pleasant! Sandy has been an excellent support through this process and most importantly, her treatment worked for me. The process was also very affordable. If you can afford to smoke, you can afford this program to quit! I would highly recommend her services for any smoker who is ready to kick the habit.”
~Lisa T., Cedar Park, TX

“I originally went to see Sandy because of severe shoulder & neck pain and I saw immediate results. I had used acupuncture in the past to treat various aches and pains, but it had been years since I had a treatment. Sandy was so genuine and easy to speak with, so I decided to see if she could help me with my recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. I started regular treatments and began seeing results much sooner than I had anticipated. In just 2 months, my blood pressure dropped significantly and my blood sugar levels dropped from the 130s to the low 90s! In addition, I started seeing other improvements as well. For one, I have always bruised very easily and very frequently…big, ugly bruises that seemingly appeared for no reason. I haven’t seen any bruises in months! The stiffness in my knees and ankles has subsided, as well. Now I’m telling everyone I know about Sandy and Renewed Health! Everyone deserves to feel this good!”
~Michele W., Round Rock, TX