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Love yourself - mind, body and spirit
Love yourself – mind, body and spirit

Lifestyle Changes For a Healthy Body

Healthy Nutrition

Good Nutrition

What we put in our mouths is reflected in our whole body. See Nutrition for more information.


Exercise is important

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps our heart healthy and body tone. See Exercise for more information.



Clean Water

Our bodies are two-thirds water,
so drinking the purest water
possible is important.




Restful Sleep

We spend 1/3 or our lives in sleep,
so it should be restful sleep.




Fresh Air

We must have air to live,
and the purer the better.



Meditation or Quiet Time

Not only do our bodies need restful sleep, but also quiet time. A time to decompress and let go of the days stresses.


Stop Smoking Now


Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the largest killers in America. See Stop Smoking Now for more information.



Healthy Weight

Having a healthy weight can not only help you feel better but reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes.


Alcohol and Spicy Foods in Moderation

Alcohol and spicy foods are hard on the digestive system, generating heat and dampness. These should be consumed in moderation.