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Facial Rejuvenation/Meizen

See Testimonials Cosmetic Acupuncture & Meizen for testimonials from this clinic.

MeiZen Acupuncture System

Meizen Cosmetic Acupuncture SystemMeiZen in O, The Oprah Magazine

We are very excited to announce the news that MeiZen is featured in an article called The Art of the Needle in the Adventures in Beauty section (p. 164) of the June 2010 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine! That’s right … the Oprah organization has taken note of MeiZen. Certified MeiZen practitioner Melinda Mingus was interviewed, gave the treatment, and the article mentions the author’s experience. Renewed Health’s practitioner, Sandy Schwartz, is a Certified MeiZen Practitioner. For more information, ask her about MeiZen! Click below to read the article.

Adventures in Beauty: O’s Beauty Editors Take the Plunge – 05/21/10, O – The Oprah Magazine

The MeiZen Acupuncture System is good medicine because not only do patients get good cosmetic results, they also get good health results. We offer the MeiZen System for the:

  • face
  • neck
  • abdomen
  • weight loss

Each protocol is 10 treatments, 2 times a week for 5 weeks.

MeiZen Cosmetic System

What cosmetic results patients might expect from the MeiZen Cosmetic Acupuncture System for the face or neck:

  • a reduction in fine lines….they may even disappear
  • a “leveling” of deeper lines. Deeper lines may never go completely away, but they can “fill up” and look much softer, less harsh
  • the beginnings of jowls can be minimized. MeiZen will not make a waddle under the neck go away, but it will definitely define the jaw in women who are just starting to get saggy there
  • improvement in acne and rosascea
  • softer, more vibrant skin
  • smoother cheeks
  • overall skin tone becomes more consistent, reducing red tones
  • age spots have faded
  • those “little hard spots on my face went away”
  • wrinkles on the decolletage have disappeared – those verticle lines that some women get as a result of sun damage


And the reported good health “side effects”:

  • hot flashes and/or night sweats went away
  • eyes looked brighter
  • mild depression is relieved
  • mild anxiety is resolved
  • improved digestion
  • increased energy
  • better sleep

 Actual results from this clinic:


Deep crows-feet lines filled in
Eyebrow Lift
Right eyebrow lifted making eyelids more even

“My husband out of the blue said he noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes were disappearing. And some of my regular hair clients said they noticed a difference in my face. That I looked more rested and my skin was looking youthful. I notice my skin was tighter. I feel like I do look a little younger. It’s a good feeling.”
~Patricia B., Pflugerville, TX

Mouth tightened and jowls tightened
Mouth and jowls tightened

“I would highly recommend MeiZen facial rejuvenation. Not only did it reduce the fine lines and puffiness around my eyes, but it also seriously diminished my neck wrinkles! It was as if someone went behind me and pulled my skin tighter. My skin color really evened out. I can now go out in public without makeup and not feel self-conscious.”
~Gena M., Austin, TX

Entire face tightened, looks years younger
Entire face tightened, looks years younger

“I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about acupuncture, especially as a cosmetic tool. However, after several sessions with Sandy, I have become a true convert. I was particularly impressed by her professionalism as well as her concern for her clients’ well-being. She is very sensitive in attending to all areas of our health. The procedures were undertaken with great care and precision. And, I am very pleased with the results of MeiZen Cosmetic acupuncture. I will return to her inviting setting for continuing maintenance as well as to address other needs as they arise. I am confident that Sandy can assist me in achieving optimal health. Thank you, Sandy! I do feel like a new person.”
~Lynne M., Manor, TX

Redness reduced, bumps smoothed, overall complexion better
Redness reduced, bumps smoothed, overall complexion better

“Ten treatments of MeiZen did more for my complexion than anything I’ve tried for the last 10 years – about how long I’ve noticed the blotchy redness. That’s amazing to me! Sandy is attentive, thorough, and gentle – a real pleasure to work with.”
~Lisa W., Austin, TX