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Exercise is important
Exercise is important

Yes, we all know that consistent exercise is important to good health, but what does it really do for our body?

  • Decreases risk of heart attack by:
    • Lowering your Blood Pressure – You have many capillary beds all over your body. Not all of them are open at the same time. When you’re not moving, the capillary beds close which means oxygen and nutrients aren’t getting to the tissues. This lessens metabolic activity. Blood has less “room” to flow which raises your blood pressure. When you’re moving the capillary beds open – oxygen and nutrients are let in and there is metabolic activity. There is more “room” for blood to flow so blood pressure is lowered.
    • Lowers cholesterol
  • Builds strength – Strengthens skeletal muscles, cardiac muscle and bones, and prevents plaque from building up and blocking your blood vessels
  • Builds muscle tissue which gives you potential for using energy from fat cells
  • Increases your heart rate and gets the blood flowing faster; the faster the blood flows the faster you rid yourself of waste like carbon dioxide
  • Increases your oxygen intake which increases metabolism
  • Increases metabolism which shrinks fat cells
  • Massages internal organs and keeps them “in shape” to prevent atrophy and from “falling”
  • Aerobic or weight training exercise increase the number of myofibrils in your muscles
  • Prevents Cancer in breast, uterus, ovaries, cervix, and colon
  • You feel less fatigued
  • Your mood lifts and depression is lessened
  • Gives you more energy on a daily basis
  • Less pain and swelling in arthritic joints
  • Maintenance or reduction of weight which reduces risk of type II diabetes
  • PreventS Osteoporosis